How will I know if there are problems with the medications I get from an online pharmacy?

People are confident when using online pharmacy for all their needs but when it comes to buying medication from online pharmacies, not all of them are confident. One strong reason for such apprehension is due to the increase in the number of fake drugs mixed with the supply chain of original drugs. The FDA has made it its prerogative to take down any online pharmacies that sell counterfeit products. Reputed online pharmacy sell product only after receiving a proper prescription.

What kind of fake medicines can you receive?

Counterfeit drugs or fake drugs are drugs that piggyback on actual medications but are not approved by FDA. They have very high or low dose of active ingredient that may worsen the existing condition of illness. You might get a drug in which there is an altogether different active ingredient or the active ingredient is replaced with some other dangerous substance that might cause irreversible damage to your health. Experts say that such instances can be avoided by providing education on the medicines that are being ordered online. To know if the medicine is legitimate or not, you have to know your medicine especially when you have been using the same medication for a long time.

How to manually check the originality of the product?

The moment you open the package, check for the following sensitive issues where the counterfeit drug manufacturers can go wrong in duplicating the original drug.

  • Match the colour: The colour of the pill you have received from an online pharmacy and the colour of the pill you have been using previously should be the same.
  • Match the texture: Touch and feel the pill. It should exactly be like the one you are using currently. Identify certain specific indentations such as manufacturer’s name or dosage in mg on the tablets.
  • Match the shape: Each pill has a unique shape. Make sure that both the pills are ofthe same shape.
  • Match the smell: Check if the medicines you received from online pharmacy smell different from the ones you already have.
  • Match the taste: Taste is something where you cannot go wrong. Even you are not conscious your taste buds will lead you to minute difference in the taste.

Any changes you notice in the above-mentioned characters indicate that the medicine may not be the one approved by the FDA for use. It may be beyond the expiry date but shipped with a different expiry date, too strong or weak to be used for particular prescribed illness.

Important note

Do not accept any packages that are damaged or if the seal is broken at the time delivery of medicines. Most of the manufacturers of fake drugs fail to replicate the packaging of the original drug manufacturer. The package containing the drug is no longer safe if they are not labelled, stored, and shipped properly.

Talk to your doctor or pharmacist if you need to know anything about your medicine before ordering them from online pharmacy. If you notice any abnormalities in the medicines received, report the incident to the FDA.