How Levitra is used as an add-on therapy for patients with pulmonary hypertension?

Levitra for pulmonary hypertensionWith the advent of technology in all fields, many new health issues keep arising every other passing day. The medical field is rapidly expanding not only with new technicalities, solutions, and online medications but also with new types or variations of diseases. It is becoming increasingly challenging to handle such a versatile scenario given the infrastructure and time constraints. One area that constantly requires the Medical professional’s attention is cardiac related ailments.

Due to the complexity involved in heart-related aspects, the medical field struggles to handle the different kinds of ailments that are brought in. In our day to day life, we see many people with swollen ankles or legs, poor appetite, abdomen pain etc. Though these may appear very light and temporary, care needs to be taken to seek professional advice from the Doctor. Since these may be pointers to the initial, existing or advanced stages of cardiac related issues.

Which health predicament leads to treatment using Levitra?

People with Pulmonary Hypertension basically suffer from swelling in the ankles and legs, pressure or pain in the chest, bluish skin or lips, speeding pulse and palpitations, dizziness, lack of breath. Normally, the blood in the Lungs pumped by the right ventricle picks up oxygen and gives out carbon dioxide. This blood passes through Veins, Capillaries and Pulmonary arteries to heart’s left side.

Since this is a normal happening the blood flow through these passages are easy and so the blood pressure is much lower or normal. When changes happen to the cell lining of the Pulmonary arteries, the walls get thickened allowing new tissue formation. Due to this new formation, the blood vessels become tightened and flamed up. The blood vessels thus get narrowed hindering the blood flow which results in the increase of Blood pressure in Pulmonary arteries. All these things lead to Pulmonary Hypertension.

The process of Levitra Add-on Therapy

The generic name for Levitra is Vardenafil Hydrochloride Trihydrate. In this therapy patients who are symptomatic of Pulmonary Hypertension are given Levitra 10 Mg. If the patients are able to tolerate the dosage and if required by the Medical Professionals the dosage may be increased to 20 Mg.

Treatment with Levitra after purchasing from internet drugstores will continue as per protocols with an eye on the side effects caused and adjustments pertaining to increase or decrease of dosage will be done as per the Doctor’s discretion. Systematic Blood Pressure check will be done Pre-Dose, Post Dose and pre-inhalation of Iloprost, Post-inhalation of Iloprost once in every 15 minutes for an hour and before discharging after 2 hours.

Constant Blood pressure checking in a systematic manner ensures reduction of symptoms of Pulmonary Hypertension with constant monitoring of Pulmonary arteries and actions in and around them. The therapy effective shows the efficacy and safety of using Levitra as an add-on Therapy for patients suffering from Pulmonary Hypertension.