Films & Gels

NanoMed has developed three additional drug delivery technologies: Thin-Film Composites™, Film-Forming Gels™, and Bioadhesive Berry Gels™.

Thin-Film Composites (TFC) comprise a bi-layer film having both a pH-sensitive mucoadhesive layer to promote strong adherence to the skin and mucosal surfaces, as well as a specially bonded wax layer intended to extend the adherence of the film to tissues for a prolonged period of time.

Film-Forming Gels (FFG) is a primarily water–based, pH–sensitive polymer-containing mucoadhesive that forms a thin, dry film when applied topically. FFG adheres to skin or wet mucosal surfaces, creating a barrier, which lasts from minutes to days depending upon application site.

Bioadhesive Berry Gel (BBG) is a chemopreventative gel applied locally to induce regression, prevent recurrence, and inhibit progression in persons with oral epithelial dysplasia. Pending the demonstration of clinical efficacy, BBG may also have utility in managing cervical and bladder dysplasia.