About Us

NanoMed Pharmaceuticals is a specialty pharmaceutical company dedicated to developing improved therapeutic products to treat cancer and other serious diseases. The company’s core technology is Nanotemplate Engineering™, a proprietary nanoparticle manufacturing technology used to formulate small molecules, peptides, proteins, plasmid DNA, and diagnostic agents. These novel nanoparticle formulations appear to function as chemosensitizers; hence, the formulation of a cytotoxic drug as a nanoparticle appears to have increased tumor sensitivity to chemotherapy.

NanoMed’s strategy is focused on addressing significant unmet medical needs in high value oncology market segments. The company is applying its Nanotemplate Engineering technology to reformulate FDA-approved drugs to impart unique pharmaceutical and/or pharmacological competitive advantages. NanoMed intends to self-fund early clinical development and out-license products at Phase II or later. The company’s lead oncology product, NMP-139, is targeted for an IND submission in 1H 2010.

NanoMed was founded in 2000 by Russell J. Mumper, Ph.D. and Michael Jay, Ph.D., the inventors of the advanced drug delivery technologies the company has licensed from the University of Kentucky Research Foundation. NanoMed is led by a strong core management team — Stephen Benoit joined as CEO in 2001 and Harry C. Ledebur, Jr., Ph.D. joined as CSO in 2007, in collaboration with several current and former pharmaceutical industry executives who serve on its Board of Directors and Scientific Advisory Board and who have been involved in the development and marketing of numerous oncology products including Taxol®, Camptosar®, and Tarceva®.

NanoMed’s corporate headquarters is located at M-TEC in The Groves Business Park in Kalamazoo, Michigan.